Alex runs a state of the art studio from his home in Los Angeles. With full writing, editing, production, mixing and mastering capabilities Alex’s studio is a force to be reckoned with and the quality is exhibited proudly throughout his discography.

If you wish to hire Alex for writing, editing, production, mixing or mastering purposes please don’t hesitate to use the Contact page to get in touch, or direct message him through Facebook or Instagram.

His rates are simply $50/hour for any of the aforementioned services, or for larger projects a quote can be requested. A typical mix with supplied stems takes approximately 10 hours, including revisions, and a subsequent mastering would another 1 or 2 hours. A mix and master for a standard 10-song album would budget around $5000.

Genres and mediums can include:

  • Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Classical, etc Music
  • Podcast, VO, and Audiobook
  • Foley and Sound Design for Film, TV and Video Games, etc Post Production


Discography and Credits


  • Eponymous and the newly released Real full-length albums by LEKSI
  • Music Videos by LEKSI
    • Your Kind
    • Surreal
    • Reality
  • Guitar, production, writing, and mixing on the upcoming Geoff Tate album, alongside guitarist/producer Kieran Robertson
  • Omen full-length by Vivisepulture
  • Welcome To Merithius EP by Merithius
  • Sound Design and Foley on Axcellerator (Film by David Giancola)


The Studio

Here is a clip showcasing some cinematic shots of the studio control room.